Blogging is Hard Work!

I must admit, I have been defeated in terms of reaching my goals to provide visual postings on here in a monthly manner.

Chance are that I will try to make a Youtube video once a month and random updates on Facebook.
Here’s a few things I’m working on:

  1. Verdant Tea has given me an okay to reblend one of their blends!

2. Working on different approaches for the Youtube videos. The next one will be within the next two weeks for the creation of Pu’erh Candy Bar.

3. Possible 2016 Kickstarter so I can obtain the equipment that it would take to roast and smoke tea as well as dehydrate my own fruit. I’m also planning to dry out my own edible flowers for the tea mixtures. The goal is to do as much as I can by hand as possible.

4. Beautiful Taiwan Tea and I are in agreement that I can use ________________________ (secret for now) to create a watermelon oolong. This is going to be the biggest challenge yet because BTT has to agree to allow me putting their name on the tea so there is a process of creating the tea and then sending  batch to them for review. To elaborate: I will dehydrate the watermelon, dry the flowers, gently flavor the mixture and then do a trial and error myself before sending off samples to BTT.

5. Recently tried some oolong from a farm in China and I really enjoyed it so I am going to make a blueberry desert out of it. A lot of work will go into this one as well because it is an amazing tea on its own already.

6. French Toast Dianhong is dead and will be reborn under a new name. It is also going to be reinvented with fresh vanilla bean picked right from the farm. Not sure when they are picking for me so I am unsure when I can begin this tea.

7. Customized tea storage 🙂

This is probably enough for now 🙂

This is all quite enjoyable and I look forward to continuing to do what I have been doing. I just hope that I connect with those who drink my creations and that they are enjoyable.

I wish this post was cooler… feel free to ask questions!