Quick Update (Mainly Pictures)

At first I decided to only make new blends when my old ones sold… but, I enjoyed making tea too much so I compromised with having less than $1000 in debt to Liquid Proust Teas.

The three blends that will be seen in the next month or two will include:

1) Nostalgia- a blend of 2012 aged Da Hong Pao oolong mixed with Fujian black tea that will sit in Tahitian vanilla bean and red sandalwood for three weeks.

2) White Wild Blackberry- this will be a blend of white pu’erh and a mixture of fruit and flowers.

3) Blackberry Sage Keemun – back by popular demand and this time I plan for it to be even better 😉

With that being said, pictures!


Start with: 20150711_115129
Remove stems: 20150711_121201

Leave unwanted stuff behind: 20150711_121206

Not perfect, but the aged oolong has been picked by hand:20150711_123458

White Wild Blackberry

This is the white tea I have picked through already. I am still in the process of testing other bases with it.20150713_1745451

Blackberry Sage Keemun

Let me know, is this beautiful keemun?


Also… I accidentally learned how to get Japanese sencha to ball up :/20150712_1436021

I’m off to go package 25 sampler packages with hopes that I will begin hearing feedback 🙂