Jacked Puer (raw)

It’s Christmas week and that means time off from work as well as time with family. So what do I do with the time off of work? I do what I enjoy, doing weird things with tea. This time my brother joined in on the fun 🙂

The first raw puer to be altered by Liquid Proust Teas; that means more to come!)

The thought of aging puer is a contagious thought process for any tea drinker as they become more diverse with what has been drank/experienced. With that being said, as a weird tea creating blender that I am, I was curious about taking an early sheng (un fermented puer / raw puer) and making something more enjoyable out of it. This, being the first time, jackfruit was dehydrated and mixed in with the 2015 offering of loose sheng from Verdant Tea which comes from Qianjiazhai.

Here’s a random video of me having fun with Mr. Jack


There shall be lots of fun experiments with the dehydrator to come. If you have any fun thoughts let me know as I am open to trying about anything.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the origin of this holiday season.

-Andrew Richardson


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