Roasted Lemon TieGuanYin

The upcoming year for Liquid Proust Teas will include one creation a month, however these will not be sold that month. With the acquiring of unique teas and perfecting techniques, each project could take months or even a year!

Though it is not 2016 yet, one of those teas has already been brought about. During the third week of September I carefully picked away two different TieGuanYin cakes while watching Star Trek Voyager. These cakes were slighly roasted; one is made from 2006 TieGuanYin and the other is from 1999 TieGuanYin.

The process began with breaking the cakes and sampling the tea to see if it would be something that could be used for a blend. The taste came off with a nice texture to the liquid and less roast than many other oolongs that were sampled. There were two options: roasted caramel apple or roasted lemon. Personally, the roasted caramel apple won but as I thought about this tea evolving for the next year it didn’t sound wise to use the roasted caramel apple at this time. With that being said, the apple will come around next winter and the lemon will do its thing for a year.

Whole Cake: fullBroken Cake:boken

Taste Testing: As you can see, there is an olive color present!steepedRemove Tea Dust:view 2Providing a Home:without lemonCohabitation with Lemon:lemon

So this has been just doing its thing since September and I will wake it up at the sixth month mark to put on gloves and break the lemon into eight pieces per cut slice, rotate everything up a little bit, and take a picture with hopes that the oolong mutated.

For reading, I shall reward you with some Liquid Proust 2016 news: A very thoroughly tested flavored/blended sheng is on the way using high end material from respected farmers =)



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