Final Touches Before Opening

Today I started my new job with Kimball Midwest and drank 0 cups of tea in the last 9 hours… that has led to my current headache. However, nothing stropping Liquid Proust Teas!

Yesterday my bestfriend came over and we tested one of the teas that I wasn’t sure how to suggest to steep which is a yellow tea blend with honeysuckle I recently made.What was awesome about this was buying tickets to PopCon in Indianapolis. Since I’ll be at that convention on my first weekend being open, I will have to respond to everyone a bit slower than normal. However, I’ll try to make it up by having pictures of me with superheros, Startrek people, aliens, video game characters, and random stuff 🙂

Taste Testing:


Above is how we approached the testing 🙂20150623_2016441

Though you can’t see it well, this is the cups filled and yes I spilled some…
We both came to the same findings which was awesome because I was very pleased!

Now I’m just doing all the other random things that come along with start up including: business card creation, answering questions, working on social media websites, packaging, looking into fess for Etsy/Papal, figuring out how to reward people (free stuff!!!), organizing everything, and looking at the blends that are not finished with a semi angry face as I tell them to work faster. Those blends include Drunk Love, Bubbleyum, and Burnt Pudding (this is just a name, not the taste 😛 )20150624_1709031

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who has helped me with legal questions, tea process, customer outreach, and letting me  know I’m not insane 🙂


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