So, The Flavoring Begins!

For the last two weeks I have been playing with flavoring teas!
This has provided a wonderful challenge for my because I love learning a new skill. I had to pull back my imagination when approaching this new skill, but that didn’t last long because I have ideas that don’t stop running through my mind.

As I approach opening up my Etsy store the 26th, I’m beginning to become really excited. For the last few days I have been brewing ounces of my teas to get the temperature and timing down for the teas.

Of course, I have pictures and teasers of the new teas I have made 🙂

Tea #1 French Toast Dianhong

I flavored each one of these guys by hand 🙂

French Toast Dianhong

As you can see, the gold strands in this tea changed color as I flavored these guys.French Toast Dianhong closeUnsure if I should boost the flavor or leave it as it was once I tested these out, I found out that the later steeps brought out different notes so I decided to keep my measurements and hope that these do well enough to do once more. The idea of powdering these with powdered sugar wouldn’t leave my mind, but realizing how nasty the water would look… I decided not to do so.

Tea #2 Peach Vs Bergamot ft. Formosa

Peach vs Brergamot

Not sure why this blend came about… but, I wanted to make an oolong earl grey and then I brainstormed how I could make mine unique so I decided to flavor the oolong with peach first and then let it soak in some bergamot flavoring. The flower petals happened because this tea needed something in there or else it would just be brown strands :/

Tea #3 Tangerine Peals
Jasmine pearls blew up recently for whatever reason, but possibly I’m mistaken… but from what I have observed this seems to be true. While jasmine is nice and all, I tend to want something more than just floral notes in my tea. Upon finding tangerine skins I decided that tangerine is a nice flavor to add to jasmine pearls as an accent (not taking over).


The tangerine skin was mixed into the jasmine pearls with some mild flavoring to be absorbed over dayssss finalThe little specks you see on the tea came about from when I rotated the tea around throughout the time they were taking their time in combat training (because your taste buds need to be convinced that these are good). The specks are pieces of the tangerine skin or small portions of the crushed pearls that were in the package.

Tea #4 Dark Chocolate Oolong
The title of this tea is probably misleading… this is a dark oolong blend with chocolate. I rubbed the flavoring for this tea on the top of the lid for this tea and powdered it so it wouldn’t go on the tea. This is a unique tea for sure.1 Dark chocolate close up

Tea #5 Angry Lemon Chai
This tea blend was made specifically for my younger brother as he like citrus fruits and chai tea.I was able to use a terrible ingredient in this tea too which means I can mark it off my list! That ingredient is lemongrass… which makes up a very small portion, but this was the time to use it for sure since it is a lemon (and lime) chai.

1 2

#Tea #6 Megan’s Gold
This is a very limited supply tea as I made a batch for my best friend. She really likes her coffee and grapefruits so I integrated that into a three way blend of golden black teas. It took some time to figure out the steeping on this one, but once we did… I can easily say I’ve never had a tea like it 🙂

Megan's Gold tea photo Megan's Gold

Tea #7 White Melon Punch
I can’t just blend green, black, and oolong teas… I have to do it all! This is a blend of three white teas and melon pieces which sadly cost a lot. This tea is still doing its thing and all, but here is what I used.

1 2

There is so much more… no worries though, Liquid Proust Teas will be open soon.

Here is a few picture of other teas that have not been on my blog yet. I will let you use your imagination to try and figure out what they are:

Japanese Trio Peach Blossom Oolong Smoky Breakfast Sweet and Spicy Oolong

I will be finishing up my yellow tea blend soon and starting to finish up the preopening stuff so next weekend I can finally ship out some happiness (well, that is if someone buys my teas of course).

I really hope that you enjoy seeing the process, reading the tidbits about the teas, and pictures 🙂


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