Gyokuro, Dragonwell, Oolongs, and More Genmaicha?

Since I am still job searching, I have lots of hours to put into tea creation!

Before I show you teas I have been working on I want to say that Liquid Proust Teas is now a registered Limited Liability Company through the State of Ohio and registered with the FDA. I still have about two weeks before I open up though.

My biggest adventure since the Blueberry Sandstorm for now is my Jackseed Gyokuro! This is a very odd combination but I wanted to work with something nutty and had this available.

Tea 1 : Jackseed Gyokuro

Step #1 Locate and purchase the jackfruit. Generally this fruit is sold whole and easily weighs 20lbs, so if you ever see it cut up you should grab some. The easiest way to deal with it is to cut the white center away and push on the back rind so the pieces pop out. For what I am doing it wasn’t that hard to cut the pieces and pull out the seeds. Before you do anything with them just make sure you take off the coating around the seed to make it easier to deal with. Next thing I did was put these guys on this bamboo tray so I could slowly roast them.1

Step#2 Take them out and cut them up! After steeping a few pieces in water at 175f I ended up spraying a little bit of vanilla on them and roasted them longer because I wanted something that had more flavor than these had.


Step #3 Looking at the gyokuro: How much of this will I be able to use? Well by the looks of it, this gyokuro can all be used 🙂

3 4

Step #4 Make sure the seeds are 100% ready to be added to the gyokuro.


Step #5 Adding the seeds to the gyokuro. I didn’t have enough seeds for how much tea I had so I ended up with ounces of gyokuro unused.6

Tea 2 : Sweet Cocoa Roasted Genmaicha
First, I just want to say this turned out much better then I though it would. I’m actually keeping a few ounces of this tea for myself =)

Step #1 Look at the container of roasted bancha that was brought back from Tokyo with me. It took a beating in my suitcase, but it protected its inhabitants.


Step #2 (not pictured) Weigh out genmaicha and hojicha to figure out how much 10% would be for the cocoa mixture to be added.

Step #3 Mix the 10% of the cocoa into the genmaicha. I used a pure cane sugar mixture with caramel flavoring.


Step #4 Add the hojicha on top so the picture look cool :p3

Step #5 Mix it all up and be amazed how the cocoa powders the tea mixture and the pure cane sugar decides to just stick all over and make the tea look beautiful. 4

Tea 3: Lily the Dragon

Step #1,2, and 3 Look at the dragonwell, look at the lily, and blend. Don’t forget to come up with a name! This was an easy blend to do because all I needed to do was measure out the tea and the flower. I chose lily because dragonwell has a strong taste for a green tea and can hold up to the flowers taste. 1



Other Teas: Yeah… I was slacking and forgot to take pictures as I made them

1) 7 Oolong Blend6 Oolong Blend

2) Rosey Dancong w/cream

Dark Rose Dan Cong w cream


5 thoughts on “Gyokuro, Dragonwell, Oolongs, and More Genmaicha?

    • They are not an edible object directly from the fruit. They can be boiled or roasted. I roasted mine and realized they are mild so then I roasted a small amount of vanilla into them since their taste is similar to walnut; those flavors tend to pair well. They took 8 hours to finish up because I went 100% roasting. After doing some research I found out they can be boiled at a high temperature and then finished by a shorter roasting period.

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