Blueberry Sandstorm Genmaicha

Before I begin writing about my first completed tea, I would like to say that Liquid Proust Teas is going through the process of becoming official! I’m registered with the FDA now and awaiting the confirmation from the state of Ohio in regards to filing for Liquid Proust Teas LLC.

The projected date to open my online shop is June 15th and I am hard at work to get everything done.

With all that being said: BLUEBERRY SANDSTORM GENMAICHA!

You can imagine that tasting blueberries in a sandstorm would be difficult and that is true with this tea as well. While the blueberry notes are in there… there is so much more going on. Upon thinking about all my tea creations I decided to challenge myself and include ingredients that I don’t like. This blend I had to choose something that had a color that was complementary and also something many people like. The ingredient that fit with this tea was hibiscus and I was very selective as to the low amount in this blend and to the pieces included (I tried to remove all the ones with white on them and keep the dark purple ones).

Instead of talking about it all I would like to use pictures and captions:

Step #1 Bake cinnamon into aniseed stars. This was done to lower the potency of the aniseed stars a bit and also include some dessert or desert flavor into them. The cinnamon was lightly brushed off after.


Step #2 Evaluate the genmaicha


Step #3 Not going to tell you…



Step #5 Powder the mixture with ground freeze dried blueberries from Canada


Step #6 Make the cake mix… I mean, add all the stuff that a blueberry sandstorm would potentially have: blueberries, small cinnamon pieces, dried apple, rooibos, aniseed stars, and the challenging ingredient hibiscus. Don’t worry about the rooibos taking over, at 170f it only complements the aniseed stars as well as adding to the overall sandstorm party in a cup.


Almost Done: While this beautiful mixture looks done, it still has to be gently mixed and customly scooped into one ounce allotments to be packaged.


While the tea is titled Blueberry Sandstorm Genmiacha, this has project Dessert Storm for me 🙂


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