The Beginning

Tea creation, how hard can that be?

Well, tea has been around for quite awhile and people sill have yet to perfect it. Some may challenge that statement, but I believe there is no perfection to a living process that is happening between mankind and nature. Tea has a fascinating history that has caused the lives of others through war and also brought communities together to experience life in a new way.

My purpose for taking on unique blends is to contribute to the tea community. Differentiation does not occur with me when it comes embracing tea enthusiast or the social drinkers. The only difference that occurs is how much jargon I use. Joy is the feeling I get when I get to journey with another person to the bottom of a cup.

I am unsure how large this project of mine will become, but I do plan to produce some gems. My first experiments have shown that there is a lot of learning and hands on practice to happen before I am comfortable with selling my blends.

My trails can be seen here:

As of now the first tea that will be available on Etsy (when I create it) will be Blueberry Cobbler Genmaicha and it will be released within two weeks.

Each post will include pictures of how the tea was handled and evaluated prior to becoming an official blend offed by Liquid Proust Teas.
-Liquid Proust

“A powerful idea communicates some of its strength to him who challenges it.” – Marcel Proust


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